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Turnover : £288,411
Asking Price : £132,500

This is your opportunity to acquire an established practice located in an affluent and desirable Shropshire market town

West Midlands
Turnover : £323,793
Asking Price : £160,000

With two branches, and a great reputation in their area, this highly profitable practice is an ideal opportunity for a first time buyer.

Turnover : £143,276
Asking Price : £49,000

An ideal opportunity for a first time buyer, who wants to run two practices, with the option to purchase the freeholds.

South East Wales
Turnover : £253,922
Asking Price : £190,000

Myers La Roche are pleased to present to market a house practice which has built up a strong reputation for clinical excellence. The practice is well presented following refurbishments in recent years and offers a range of services including WECS, Low Vision Assessment, Domiciliary visits and Eyeplan. The practice has the benefit of 2 testing rooms.

Providing your business with the right tools.

Myers La Roche believe in a sustainable and stable healthcare sector enriched by individuality, variety and care. A world in which independent healthcare businesses can thrive thanks to clarity, empowerment and opportunity.


Looking to buy an independent optical practice? Or are you an owner seeking an insight into the health of the practice sales market and to glean what your practice might be worth by looking at our portfolio? Learn more


There are 2 ways to grow optical practices and we are uniquely placed to help with both: Growing your practice organically, and growing via a merger or acquisition. Learn more


You only get the chance to exit your business once – you need to do it right first time. The decision of how and when to exit from your audiology business – often a lifetime's work – is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will ever make. Learn more


The sale of your practice is one of the most significant transactions you will ever make. It is therefore important to make any decisions about a sale of all, or part of your business from a fully informed position. Learn more

"A very professional but friendly service. The consultant was extremely supportive and helpful. All staff I dealt with were polite & helpful. I didn't feel like "just a number"

Joan Royd, Worcestershire

"“Dominic and Georgie, I would like to thank you personally for all you have done for us. Selling a practice has certainly been a learning curve. You did tremendously well to obtain the price you did for us. But it’s the straightforward, reflective, and kind way in which you have dealt with us that I enjoyed most.”"

Rory Robinson, Egham, Surrey

"Dominic went out of his way to ensure that the transaction completed smoothly. He provided invaluable advice and helped navigate delicate issues with the vendor, solicitors, landlord and banks. A first class service for both vendors and purchasers. Highly recommended."

HL, London

"“We were both very pleased with the care and support given by Georgie and the Myers La Roche team. We started with a 360 review of our practice, then a valuation and then to a sale. Georgie managed the sale with the buyers. It was really reassuring to have her skill, experience and expertise and we felt we were in safe hands throughout the process.”"

Nikki and Deacon, Kent

"“All being said, I have no regrets. It was the right move at the right time. I want to thank you the team so much. Everyone was amazing at every stage. Thank you for changing my life!”"

Jonathan Kerr, Oxted

"“I would like to thank Myers La Roche on the completion of the sale of our group of practices. I found you were was very good at keeping me informed and efficiently moving the process along. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Myers La Roche for their expertise and contacts within the industry.”"

David Fulford, East Riding

Latest insights

Explore our latest industry insights to gain a competitive edge in your optician practice.

Optometry Practice Valuation

An optical business valuation is the process of determining the fair market value of your practice and there are many reasons why a valuation may be necessary. As a meticulous analysis of the various factors that contribute to your practice's overall worth, an optical practice valuation is best conducted by specialists rather than a general accountant.

How do I sell my Optical Practice?

How and when to sell your optical practice is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and, with the Optical industry undergoing a period of consolidation, most independent practice owners will be approached by a potential buyer at some point. In our comprehensive guide, Dom Watson of Myers La Roche profiles the types of buyer you may meet and strategies to help you exit your business on your own terms

Keeping Your Optical Business in Focus: Why Regular Valuations Are Essential

You know the importance of regular eye examinations for your patients, but have you considered a recall regime for your own business? You already know how a Myers La Roche business valuation can bring clarity to your operation - keeping that valuation up to date is highly beneficial for the long-term health of your optical practice.

Case Study: The benefits of exit planning to achieve an optimised sale within the optical sector

Following a structured exit plan designed via our Exit 360 PathfinderTM service we have recently completed on the sale of an optical practice in West Yorkshire.

Optical Practice Valuation Guide: Expert Tips and Insights

Having provided specialist optical practice valuations for over two decades, the following guide is designed to provide answers to the questions the Myers La Roche team are most frequently asked.

The 5 megatrends set to shape the future of the independent optics and how to harness them in your practice

Megatrends are forces that are reshaping the optical business landscape and the future prospects of independent practice owners in significant ways.

Megatrend One: Significant Inflation in practice values

The transfer value of strong, profitable practices is set to rocket over the long-term.

Megatrend Two: "Islandification" and Trading Location Evolution

Trading conditions and commercial terms for leases on high streets will continue to evolve, bringing both threats and opportunities to optical businesses.

Megatrend Three: Increasingly differentiated operating models in the independent sector

Privatisation & Shared Care will continue to shake up the standard operating model for independents.

Megatrend Four: Improving ease of ownership and operational experience

It will become easier and a more enjoyable experience to run your practice.

Megatrend Five: Suppliers are Not Necessarily The Best Advisors When Selling Your Business

This megatrend trend could adversely affect your personal wealth unless you get informed on the facts and take appropriate action.

International Womens Day 2024

This International Women’s Day we want to encourage more female Optometrists and Opticians to take the first step towards owning their own practice

Optical Insights Salary Survey 2024

Recruitment and Retention of high-quality staff is the single biggest issue facing the optical industry in the UK and Ireland today. Our Salary Survey is a chance for your voice to be heard on this key issue

Thinking of Starting a Practice From Scratch

Starting your own business is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do, particularly in independent optics where you are likely to be the clinician as well as the business owner.

Giving something back whilst staying hydrated

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to the Africa Trust.

What's The Value of Your Commute?

Here at Myers La Roche, we talk daily about value. Not surprising, given that we value over 100 independent optical businesses every year.

How To Value a Specsavers Franchise

Specsavers optical franchises are valued via a yield-based valuation methodology.

How To Value a Boots Optical Practice

Boots Opticians franchises are primarily valued via a yield-based valuation methodology. Myers La Roche have significant experience in valuing all kinds of Optical Practices

How to Value a Vision Express Franchise Practice

Vision Express franchises are primarily valued via a yield-based/EBITDA valuation methodology.

Be Your Own Boss

Take the plunge and move from the multiple to the independent sector

Choose the right insurance policy for your optical practice

Choosing the cheapest insurance policy can potentially be both short-sighted and expensive

Learning to Let Go

Why Learning to Let Go Is Essential To Achieving Your Goals

The Perils of Short Cuts, and Trying to Take the Easy Route

Indecision and procrastination on the timing for a business sale and retirement are common

How to Retire Like a Rockstar

In this book, Dominic Watson takes you on a very different retirement journey, one that is fun and leads to a dynamic and enthralling destination. He shows you how retirement can be done on your terms. Using incredible, real life case studies this book will give you the insights on how to live the life you want.

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